Perth Access Control Systems

Perth Access Control Systems

Safe Secure & Monitored Controlled Area

Perth access control systemsWhen your business demands a more sophisticated level of security, or you need to control access and monitor a particular areas, it’s time to investigate what Perth access control systems are on offer.

Nisbet Security Systems is a Perth access control systems specialist.  We have designed, installed, serviced and maintained Perth access control systems within the Perth metropolitan and country Western Australia regions for the last 15 years.  Our clients come from the retail, commercial and industrial sectors of our community. We offer a range of access control systems including swipe cards, pin codes, biometric readers and proximity readers. If you already have asystem and want to upgrade, we can look to integrate with newer technologies such as time and attendance records and CCTV security systems.

Each business searching for a Perth access control sytems solution will be seeking a different outocme.  Our dedicated team will work with you to ensure your access control solution delivers the outcome you desire.

Perth Access Control Systems Overview


Keypads are utilised to authorise access to e access control systems will use keypads to enable authorised users to enter their personal identification number and gain entry to the designated area. It is now common place for keypads to have a fully integrated proximity reader for greater security. This technique is called “Card + PIN” entry control.

Proximity Readers

Unlike a swipe or insertion card reader, a proximity reader is able to read the ID code of a proximity card or token without coming into physical contact with it. This has several advantages including convenience and improved resistance to weather and acts of vandalism.

Biometric Readers

perth access control systemsThe use of biometric technology can significantly increase the security level of your access control system because it eliminates such problems as lost, stolen or loaned ID cards, and forgotten or guessed PINs. Biometric readers rely on a unique physical characteristic (e.g. fingerprint, hand geometry, iris and face recognition) to verify and identify authorised users. They provide a level of surety that the authorised user is who they are claiming to be.

Nisbet Security Systems can help you find a complete access control system. Our specialist team will custom design a security system to suit your business needs and budget. We’ll weigh-up your priorities in terms of your business size, number of users and access restriction. We’ll then source your access control system from our wide range of suppliers in Perth and completely install it for you.

Once your access control system is installed we’ll provide you and your team with complete training and support to show you just how easy it is to operate.

Free Business Security Health Check

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